Experts in online shop design in Madrid

At Callibree Madrid our team is specialized in design and development of online shops. This service is focused on offering you the opportunity to create your own virtual shop, with which you can sell your products 24/7 and all over the world. We are specialized in WordPress and Woocommerce

Creation and design services for online shops in Madrid

At Callibree we have more than 10 years of experience in online shop design in Madrid, creating a website focused on selling your products on the web, with a totally personalized and customized design that will allow you to stand out from the competition.

By creating your online shop you will be able to show your product showcase to any user around the world, enabling you to sell 24/7 at very affordable prices and avoiding other unnecessary expenses such as a store or human resources, as all the information to carry out a sale is in your online shop.

At Callibree we know how important it is to provide added value to your brand and business, which is why we always seek to offer a good design for your online shop, something that will also allow you to attract new customers and keep the ones you already have through special offers and promotions and through direct and personal contact.

diseño tiendas online madrid

WordPress and Woocommerce online shops

We have a streamlined work process, the result of our years of experience that allows us to monitor the development process of your online business on content management platforms such as WordPress with Woocommerce. A platform that will allow you to comfortably manage your product catalogue, orders, customers, without being dependent on anyone.

We provide e-commerce of all kinds, optimized for google and perfectly designed for optimal performance on mobile devices. Your online shop can have different payment methods, such as Paypal, credit card, bank transfer, Bizum, etc. always with security and payment protection in mind.

In addition, your online shop can offer added value to users through ratings, comments, 360º images, explanatory videos, related products, comparisons, or the availability and direct and fast support from wherever you are.

Run your online shop

It is crucial that you have full control over your online shop. This will allow you to handle the content of your e-commerce whenever you want and from wherever you want. Modify, add and remove products, control stock and process orders directly.

At Callibree we are experts in the creation of online shops and that is why we can teach you and help you to carry out this management and control the performance of your e-commerce so that everything works perfectly. We offer you the possibility to do a brief training of your online shop so that you become familiar with WordPress and Woocommerce and learn how to control your orders and products for an efficient management.

Take control of your online shop!

Advantages and benefits of having an online shop


We deploy SSL certification on all our websites because security and protection for all purchases made through the payment gateway, whether by PayPal, Stripe or credit card, is critical.


With the automated language module, you will be capable of selling your products in other countries without geographical limits, sell to any part of the world.


Always open, Your online shop never rests. Make your e-commerce shop work continuously.


Your online shop is available on any device, whether it be mobile, computer, tablet, etc. Responsive and optimised design.

diseño tiendas online madrid


Nowadays users are increasingly used to shopping online.


Provide detailed information about the products and the sales process to your customers, as well as feedback and direct support.


Forget about high costs for hiring premises as a physical shop or employees and save on expenses.


With analytics you will have a better control of what is happening in your online shop and this will enable you to follow up and make decisions in a more agile way.